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  1. Hehehe ,i'm alright ,i was just so busy and got no active net line (well i still don't) and the medical study is getting harder everyday! so how are you?
  2. Omg! It's been forever! Where have you been? What have you been up to? Are you okay? My god... I missed you! Why don't you ever talk to me anymore? What happened? Did you get hurt? Your okay right?
  3. i wanna steal them from myself ,lolz and they're on an increasin' line soon ,lolz (long time no c )
  4. -steals one and pets it- MINE!!! lol
  5. sorry? sheesh! i feel the same if someone got more cats than i do! lolz
  6. I know! ^^ umm.. sorry i'm kind of crazy about kittens
  7. Hehehe ,yup .. nothing cuter than kittens running around playfully full with energy!!!
  8. Omg! O_O You have 10 cats and kittens!?! I want!!

    T.T I'm so jealous..
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