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  1. "and linking park is practically dead..."

    (: That's what reminded me of them .
  2. O_o; ,nani? what remind u of them ?
  3. Lol, that reminds me of Linkin Park .
  4. If you eat it every now and then that is!! (and linking park is practically dead but they did enough i think ) lolz.
  5. XD; oh wow. Chicken is good .
  6. -_- ... i'm tired of the continuous eating of chicken! this malaysia ~...*ahem* Hi
  7. Blah, it's practically dead anyway .
  8. Well ,randomness isn't bad ,now is it? plus it's the best group that's why i said it lolz ,anyways! :P
  9. o_O What do you mean it's the first. It's not, actually. My group was like... The fifth to be made or something, I don't remember. And lol, you're pretty random. Linkin Park is all right but there are a lot better bands out there.
  10. lol ,but your created social group sure is the first! too bad i'm not a part in ,anyways ... Linkin Park rockz!!
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