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  1. ahh hah, I see. And yeah, I agree. Tech > nature .
  2. I wanted to know your type lol ,but there are people who said nature so it depends lol ,but i can never see it their way! ...
  3. Easy question.

  4. anyways ,enough of that old stuff ,do you like to live closer to nature or to technology? :P
  5. lol, I see. ahah and that's all right.
  6. yeah lol sry about it ,i "ATE" some parts :P ... "and you're totally right but still they do because of their poverty they "EAT" us the foreigners" lol very sorry about it.
  7. O_o exactly.

    ... and the middle third of that paragraph was too grammatically horrible, I couldn't understand it. ._.'
  8. They're poorer but living happily ,let's take a look at Iraq!! ... and you're totally right but still they because of their poverty "EAT" us the foreigners .. once you live here you'll know what i mean lolz
  9. ... because Malaysia is a poorer country than the US or most of Europe aaaand it's closer to Japan than where ever you live, probably, right
  10. how's that? :P
    *wait a sec i'm not a member of your guild but anyways lol*
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