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  1. of course you're not bothering me! it's just some circumstances that i'd never wish for anyone to see that's all
  2. Hi ,and I'm very sorry for disappearing all this time ,here i am back once again after very long fifteen days on no Anime Online! so how r u?
  3. Ala....where the HELL are you...!!?.................
  4. Hello? i batharing you...T^T....................
  5. HELLO ?? are you there...... -,- ..ZZzzz...........
  6. Of course it's okay ,(sry the answer was this late i wasn't at my desk) and feel open about writing in the first page of the profile
  7. lol thank you too , you know i am new here and no one with me so if you like we can make some chats if that ok with you .... and i want something from you that if we can chat in PM because if feel little embarrassing when i write on the first page of the profile >.<
  8. Lol ,thanx ,but isn't now the same thing for you :P(your being offline while i'm not!!) lolz
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