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  1. Because i ain't sitting lately ,i'll b going to Penang 2morrow so probably 2morrow as well .. i dunno ...
  2. where have you been (i know where have you been) ... you are not talking to me on yahoo messenger .. =^_^=
  3. lollipop? -blink-
  4. ok go and eat biscuits and cake i will eat lollipop with lemon flavor .. =^_^=
  5. lol it just came to me! anyways i'll go grab something to eat ,i haven't eaten anything real for the last 22 hours! i swear it! only some biscuits and cake!!!
  6. that cheap Lich .... how did you say that ... and ummmmmm i mean it >_< i .. i ... i .. ummm what i will say ..ummm aaha i have problem issue with computer ha ha hha ^_^; ... =^_^=
  7. i'll be telling you everything today ,k? and also when you said i should sit on yahoo messenger at 8 pm you didn't mean to really sit on it ,now did you?! :P *yay! runs away!!*
  8. you are saying stuff *sad* you mean you have thinks more important than me .... i will forgive you if these stuff were very important .... =^_^=
  9. Oh! very sorry about that ,just got a lot of stuff to do ,i'll be telling you once i get online tomorrow ,k? :P
  10. do you know that i am waiting you every day .... so sit on yahoo messenger at 8 am in your time and in my time 3 pm ........ TODAY LICH ... ok .... =^_^=
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