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  1. thanks man. 3d animating is fun I like to play games so why not make them?
  2. hope ya da same .
  3. sweet good luck man I hope you do well. It wouldnt be for me
  4. Hehehehe, once i got used to it i no longer needed to "battle" with memories any more ,well js waiting for the long break to come 4 weeks from now .. i'm burning for it!
  5. yeah well I would not be able to take it I would not make it as a cn. Iwould be constantly battling memories I dont want to have to battle
  6. Hehehehe ,i guess that's a small portion of it ,if you took anatomy into consideration ,but i enjoy studying it sometimes.
  7. yeah I bet. all those diagnosis you have to memorize and shit.
  8. for me 2 much 2 complain abt ,medical study is hard!!
  9. I am doing okay I guess. not much to complain about
  10. and i have been even busier!! i mean i haven't came 2 this place 4 about 6 months now!! so hw r u doin'?
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