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  1. You think? i actually came after three months and it's still the same!
  2. Omfg xD I'm like busy now in real life, because of school and such and I hardly come here now e.e I dunno why. But Lol whenever I drop here or such, Lotsa changes are made. :/
  3. lol ,Hi i'm very lazy too and not having any time to spare either! ,just studying ,what about you?
  4. Lolz, I dunno ._. I'm just too lazy nowadays =D And Woah =O Hi ._.
  5. Why not anymore? :[ ,i guess fine ^^ but sheesh i'm not having enough time for even myself! lolz
  6. I don't come here that much anymore so yeah. =D And Lol, how are you?
  7. Wow ,you got no visitor messages on your profile? well yet ;P ,hehehe it's indeed a long time no see ,all because of my studying program it's freaking tiresome! lolz
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