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  1. Ok. Byes! ^^
  2. ^^ ,kies ,c u there then .
  3. Sorrys. Glad that's fixed now! ^^ and yay! ^^
  4. Welcome ,I came there twice before but once my connection was so sucky that whatever page i load it stops for no reason and the second for some ununderstandable reason when i wanted to post the buttom of post was showed as it is pressed at all the pages i opened .. anyways! everything is good now ,i came yesterday and adjusted all my settings ,profile ... etc.) and the next will be a posting marathon , c u ;p
  5. Hey :] Thanks for the pic comment & for coming to AW^^
  6. okay ,joined ;p
  7. Go to contact info on my profile ^^ Chu~ .....
  8. A link please if you would?
  9. Well it's ok^^ You try, Chu ^^.
  10. very good to hear ,i wish i was more free ,i would've joined yours but i'm afraid i'd do the same bad thing i did on anime love .. because i'm having nearly the same situation now
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