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  1. hehehehe ,no need 2 ,ok ,then how about u tell me whats your favorite anime of the rest?
  2. ahhhh ok i get i have to be more* show my topic if isnt close to im confused..o well ill work more on it...
  3. Hehehehe , i meant that i got offline the day before yesterday five minutes after i sent the message to you ,the rules are weird yes but they got their reasons for a big site ,i got many favorite animes depending on the genre ,though even if a genre is specified there are always more than one best.
  4. yeah thx..helped alot..wats ur fave anime.. /.. and rules are weird ..but ..wat do u mean ull be offline for five min ,,lol?
  5. no problem ,though i won't be online for more than five minutes but i'll be back tomorrow and tell you ,but as an overall everything is simple ,forums : place to post ,profile : place to chat :gallery : you know what! and read the rules they'll help you understand better ,you can go see them through the link on the upper right side of the page written with yellow font ,see you around.
  6. heyy im new do u thinkwecanbe freindsand help meh with stuff like show me work this...)))
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