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  1. well lots has happened and studyin medicine z very hard!!! lolz (hw r u doin'?)
  2. Hey LG, long time no see! Anything new?

  3. At last ,yesterday was a tiresome one because of him ...
  4. Hey L.G., looks like our "friend" just got himself banned! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
  5. But i'd admit defeat and accept what said if i didn't answer ,and that's a thing that i will not allow to happen.
  6. Yeah... But if you ask me, I'd rather not feed the troll.
  7. i have met a lot of similar people ,that's why i can stay calm about it! and thank God it's not face-to-face! lol
  8. He got some good points ,he's an example of what you asked me to dwell about ^^ lol ,it's okay .. and i'm responding with the same speed! lol
  9. Okay, your call. But given how fast he responds to what you say, I don't think he's really thinking about it at all.
  10. No ,it's okay ,he also has his own opinions about it ,we see it that way because we oppose him then all we have to do is defeat him in the thing he started.
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