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  1. Hiz ,it's been some centuries for me since i came online but at last a holiday! Hari Raya to you
  2. Lol.. the independence day.. yup ^^ its the same here but i did not join it.. too much trouble for me.. too many cops around >.< geez
  3. speaking of holidays ,yesterday was one hell day at 12 (practically today!) at KL there was a huge devastating fight of sprays! XD near Bukit Bintang whole street! ,it was so fun!
  4. Don't worry... during holidays.. there'd be loads of time
  5. I also have ,last time i played i got one pro my side that why i won my first match after a very long time! XD .. but sheesh it needs time which i can not offer currently T.T
  6. xD its ok man.. >.< i just started you see.. *sighs* I have a few pro friends tho..
  7. We'll play one day once i can go to Penang as touring visit not an urgent one like last time and yeah playing dota is the best though i'm not that good cuz i haven't got used to the new versions yet ,lolz.
  8. Ahh... o.O geez.. well i hope ur doing good ^^ U play dota do you? I just started dota.. maybe one day we can play together ^^
  9. No ,it's very complicated >_< but as a result i got into UCSI in Kuala Lumur and started there for now ...
  10. You got into USM now? O.o

    Lol i cant wait ^^ tho.. i dont know what or where we should meet.. you have my phone number no?
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