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  1. Hehehe ,ur "ol' days with every1" made me feel like an old geezer! lolz ,we can recreate those times anytime again! well i'm hangin around the sites as well ,nothin else 2 do 4 the time bein!
  2. Really?? T^T Only three months?? Geez.... I remember the good ol' days with everyone. So long ago (what I am talking about?? It was just a year aog!! XD). I'm pretty good. Just hanging around AO and another site. Doing this and that.....
  3. I'm cool & good i guess only for the next three months "holy"day! lol ,how about you?
  4. Hey Lichy!!! XD Are you finally on again?? ^^ It's been a long time since I last talked to you. How have you been??
  5. Hi ,how r u? long time no chat! lol
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