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  1. Sheesh -_- ,why not?! O_o
    anyways ... you need to lol up your mind :P
  2. Hhahah I will
    Lol I am not beautiful but thanks! ^^
  3. I think if someone wants people to see him/her beautiful then they will! and so you are.
    anyways if you want to see my realself pay a visit ot the members pictures in the gallery section.lolz
  4. hehhehe the wonderful ryomakurosaki of course XD lol well I am not that cute so :P
  5. Ohio! who's that in your profile picture to the left? :P
  6. outer space but gravity was ...
    yeah ,thanx and my studies were extended for another year .. they said it's a new system in the university ...
  7. but lifted them higher reaching the..
    Are you feeling a bit better?
  8. the winds tried stopping them ...
    very tired of all aspects ....
  9. the shooting star drifting towards the earth while..
    Alright night night ^^
  10. to be ... falling asleep!! during ...
    i'll go to sleep then ,i'm having a starters for a headache now ... g'night
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