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  1. Hehehe ,still surviving i guess ,lol .. (if you are a musilm) Eid Fitr Mubarak! (if not then) Happy holiday and Eid Mubarak for muslims :P
    For the others they're my friends but using other forums so there would be no point in telling you the names ,so how r u?
  2. lol
    Hi dear how are you.
    it's true and im arabic tell me who's the others
    nice to meet you
  3. You're maybe the fifth or sixth arabic (wait a sec! you are ,right?!) member who comes to an english-using-as-a-language forum ,sad as it is but true ,anyways nice to meet you
  4. heeeey i'm fine i hope you are fine too
  5. Yo! how r u doing? My name is Alaa and i'm from Iraq ,just passed by to say hi ;p
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