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  1. lol im hungry now i need.....................PIZZA!!!!
  2. You ... war...ned ... m-me too ... late *boom!!* i ate too much already! hehehe
  3. oh yea lol sorry bout that sliped my mind but just dont eat too much
  4. don't say that word! I've been hungry for a month now!!! but the fasting will be finished in two days time
  5. lol sounds fun kinda made me hungry tho lol
  6. why not enough?
  7. o.O thats i wow wat to say to that lol
  8. Easy request! go play Chicken Invader! you'll see tons of evil chickens planning to incade earth!! O_o;||
  9. lol i want an evil chicken now sounds funny to see it eat ppl
  10. everyday you mean? or every meal??!!!! lolz
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