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  1. lol u almost done right and did u eat any chicken???
  2. No i'm not still being eaten alive ... they already finished me off!!! lolz (not the chickens! the university!!)
  3. im good my comp is slow tho how about you still being eaten alive lol
  4. Hey ,how r u doing? (usual pleasantries can't help it!!) and yes they're indeed evil!!
  5. o.O evil chickens? but hey
  6. Ah! ~_~ this semester is so time-consuming i didn't expect it to cooperate with chicken continuous eating and bite me on my butt ... so Hi :P
  7. yo im good wat u been up too lol seemed like longer
  8. Hi ,how have you been? it's been very long fifteen non-animeonline days ,so!
  9. lol ok but i told you first hahahahahahahahhahahahah
  10. I'll ask you ^^ :P lolz
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