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  1. lol well i just got mine back not long ago lol i been out for a while too long if you ask me
  2. I'm kinda the same ,i'm only "officially there" on several sites only ... actually i only got my first internet connection two years ago .. you know Iraq!!! lolz
  3. lol and im pretty sure im the only zerosan9000 and your gona see that around alot more cuz im on a few sites now
  4. Well for me i gave it a lot (and i mean a lot!) of thinking ,many other names i happened to own brfore this one but everytime i find that someone is using that name i stop using it because i wanted my name to be one unique that alone will use ,that's why i stopped using my previous names (Archlich ,Black Griffin ,Griffin ,Archail .. and many others) but this one now LichGRIFFIN is the one i'm still using for two years now and thankfully whereever i go no one ever thought of its combination ,lolz
  5. lol idk i was just looking around and found itand it looked cool so i joined hw bout you
  6. and why did it come to you in the first place? :P anyways once you stick to some name you can't just leave it! lolz
  7. for the same reasn you called your lichGRIFFIN lol jkjk idk it just came to me and i used it once and it stuck lol and now i use it alot so if you ever see it around its me lol
  8. anyways why you named your profile Zero-san and 9000?
  9. lol yea life its fun tho so i cant complain lol(ksdngsigknsgn)
  10. sheesh of course! life that is! :P
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