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  1. lol its cool everyone has things to do lol(slbknsr)
  2. Yo! sorry i wasn't around ,few severe important developments were taking my side ... lol but anyways!
  3. cool thats that place is awesome(;fjhpekn;fneh;ios;hl;jkh
  4. I need to login in that thing ,let me see ...
  5. :laugh" maybe somebody from outside?!! lol :P
  6. lol i wonder who hmmmmm........................................
  7. lol ,kinda remind me of someone! *looking at the mirror!!!*
  8. lol i am the same way my time is spent here all day now nobody wants to stop talking to me when i say i gtg and me being as nice as i am stay for a bit longer and it turns into like 3 hours lol
  9. lol ,you know my situation better than anyone! lol but thinking about it ,i'm getting less and less active everyday ,sheesh that!!
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