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  1. hey, ya should join the website called and can ya ask yer friends ta join too please
  2. yes? :I i pmin ya oh yea, i dnt wnna b in ur rpg thng cuz im alwayz busy and stuff so im usually in sports and stuff like that so im sorry
  3. u have not pmed me in awill please do after reading this message thinks
  4. pm me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon really soon
  5. pm me please after u read this message think u so ay
  6. so pm or vistor message me your chate for it see u on there
  7. hay ay its a les rpg here on ao ppl seem to like here but i still need more meber to join
  8. hiya nice ta meetchya! hey u asked me about a group thing and i was wondering about that, can u tell me more about that or if it waznt ya thn srry '~'
  9. pm me if u want to join the rpg soon would be nice
  10. please join lovewars high its really cool and fun so please join it
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