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  1. *Chainsaws drone* That take care of that. *A fresh wave rushes him*

    Ive got a song for you related to this battle:

    Well, the chorus anyways.

    ■Its a good day to die
    ■When you know the reasons why
    ■Citizens we fight for what is right
    ■A noble sacrifice
    ■When duty calls you pay the price
    ■For the federation I will give my life

    From the move Starship Troopers 3

    It's A Good Day To Die - Starship Troopers Wiki - Roughnecks Chronicles

    Full song there.
  2. Guess I caught you at the wrong time. Talk to you later.
  3. Piece of advice buddy: I can be very cold, caculating, and all around dangerous. Pissing me off is a bad idea.
  4. Yeah...keep laughing lighting...I will own you next!
  5. Come on then, i'm gonna flatten halo. Rip him a new one.
  6. Oh, I like the gears of war approach better. Lots more shooting, and chainsawing.
  7. Heh...I'm the trigger-happy Gear who murders everyone with a lancer.
  8. Hey noob...nice to see you again. Anything interesting going on?
  9. What's up. I take it not much is going down right now?
  10. Hello...I guess this is how this thing works. Not to mention the 50 char limit is annoying as hell.
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