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  1. hay u should post and yes i want to join your rpg it sounds like fun
  2. hey there do u like naruto? cause im recuting ppl for this fanfic and i need akatsuki mebers and regular charcters. but u can make ur own. please join. if u do please pm me ur character. if so can u be itachi, cause then it can have a little yoai in it. also my friend would be mad. i like makeing her mad! hehehe
  3. um okey .
  4. tell halo if he does not like the rpg then why is he on it
  5. what happend to the rpg? it said closed!!!!! O.o
  6. i think i got thr right one up now .
  7. oh that one okey !
  8. no the elf one thats the one i like so please put it back
  9. the black and white one?.............................................. ...........
  10. i like your old pic of yourself put it back please
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