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  1. I'm darkbird333. Hope to see you sometime soon.
  2. I have skype if you wanna add me its nekoninja96 so I hope you would add me
  3. Hey when you get online meseg me ok I want to talk to you ^•^
  4. I know, sorry, I'm in school now. Just try and send me a pm and I'll respond when I can.
  5. Hey we are never online when each other is online >_< lol
  6. Okay. I got to go actually, my laptop's almost dead.
  7. Okay then there, there should be enough space now.
  8. Ok ill be on hot topic. Com till u r finished cant wait to see what the have on sale
  9. Oh, okay, I'll go clear out some space. Just one second...
  10. Ok it is saying that I can not send you meseges because ur inbox is full
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