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  1. Ok my job took so long and I'm mad T my boss she was not at work today and I had to do her job.
  2. ok then have a good time at work , . .
  3. the ugly truth - Anime Gallery there go but its an older picture from when i frist joined lol, im not a picture guy but i look like that still though but in a different house , the back ground is in an old house i was in.
  4. Oh that would be wonder full because I want to know how all my friends look.
  5. im doing good and you can see a pic of me on the members area of the gallery on here i could link you if you need help finding it
  6. Hey you how are you doing? Would it be weird if I ask u what you look like.
  7. that sucks , though allergy's avoid me for some reason but i hate when others get the problems. maybe you will feel better soon.
  8. Omg hey today I don't feel well my alerges are so messed up right now.
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