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  1. heheee, well Ichigo is a guy and it would be sad if he looked like Orihime lol
    but uuuuuhhhh yeah, he's an awesome character - I'd like to have a real life Ichigo
  2. Awwwwwwww lol I think ichigo is cuter then my person lol.
  3. aaaaasssoooo
    now it's clear, well that isn't a bad thing to like Orihime (that's how her name was alsway written in the anime subs), right?
    she's quite a cute one and also takes care of everyone else
  4. I meant ppl lol and its otahime or how ever you spell the orange hair girl from blachs name.and hey
  5. hmmm? I'm being a little confused here
    who's Pol and who is orime?
  6. Omg some Pol say I look like orime I think it is funny.
  7. "Ok that's good then omg for some reason I want to bite some one lol stupid vampire instinks lol." ==>

    hahaaaa, I completely understand. when I was young I was also adicted to vampire movies (recently there weren't any good ones), they had some hypnotic effect on me. and for some reasons one of my own corner teeth could be inherited from a vampire. it's still fun teasing my friends pretending to bite them, muaaahaaahaaa
  8. well, I started the manga a few days ago and I'm only at chap 5 (from 83 in total), but I like the characters and will certainly read all of them. I prefer long stories anyway, they keep me busy for a while.
    but I will search for the anime and tell how I liked it.
  9. Hi lil miss sucubiss!
    I also love to talk about animes, that's what I'm here for.
    Vampire Knight is a nice one, though I only now the manga. So there is also an anime? Guess I have to watch it then.
    do you know how much it follows the manga?
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