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  1. like how old are these dudes? 19-20 i go for younger mostly 23-25 yrs i hardly ever talk about it..
    seems pointless at me age lolz i like brunette guys too in fact i have a bf on facebook
    he's nice better then my last two bf's XD thanx i like chatting with ya too well goodnight it's like 3am where i live, cya again tomorrow
  2. cool n.p i am bored too just watching tv an getting tired had a looooong day nothing to do until tomorrow
    gotta go into town. other then that, my lfe isn't super exciting or groovy Lolz
  3. talk where? i all do is answer visitor messages. soooo how are ya why'd ya visit my profile?

    drop me a visitor message anytime :3
  4. hi i se you visited my profile any reason why? did wanna be friends? also i am too old to talk about boys

    ( not my thing) sorry Hope to hear from you soon
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