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  1. Don't ever look at my profile you have started shit with me and I have had it with people starting shit
  2. Ok don't be an ass just because you cant find my ****ing pic ok and I had to go to bed because I threw up on my computer and now you can consider your self blocked good bye.
  3. Are you kidding me??? There isn't even a picture of you in the gallery anywhere, and now you're "conveniently" gone after I put MY PICTURE up.................
  4. Uh I can't find you, could you give me a link to it?
  5. Ok my pic is up in the members gallery I'm ugly lol
  6. Okay ^^
  7. Ok hold on I'm going to put my pic up in one cec ok brb
  8. It's up there :/
  9. Alright, but i'm not the best looking guy around, so you might be disappointed^^
  10. Lol I was just about to ask you the same thing maby if you put a pic of yourself up ill put one up of me hows that so you can acutualy see what I look like
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