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  1. Hehe sure, but it would have to be in sound proof room, because I hate the idea of anyone else hearing me.:/

    So could you describe to me what you look like?
  2. Would you sing to me if you were alone with me just asking.
  3. XD

    Well I like to sing, just not in public, and I do love to draw, even though i'm not very good at it.
  4. Hey now I'm happy lol and I feel like singing I love to sing um do u like to sing or draw or any thing.
  5. I'm here i'm here!

    And welcome back
  6. Hey I cant whait to talk to you I just got home and it is 9:07 pm and I miss you my friend.
  7. Lol okay, and have fun my dear, see ya *hugs and kisses you on the cheek*
  8. I'm whaiting for my brother to get redheaded to go and high heals and a dress does not feel right on me they hurt my feet and I show too much boobs g2g bye I give u kisses lol.
  9. That's good to know<3 (and I can still understand what you're saying, even if it's spelled wrong)

    So aren't you supposed to be gone now, since it's past 5:30?
  10. I am honist Srry spelling is not that good. But I would never lie to you and I promise that to you.
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