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  1. Well you don't need me here to do that.
    And I hope you're telling me the truth, because I prefer friends AND girls, that are honest with me.
  2. I think so and yes my birthday is tomarrow and I wanted u to be on here tomarrow to say happy birthday to me.
  3. So it's not really tomorrow?

    Oh wow sorry to hear that dear, because I was going to be taking a break from the forum for awhile, maybe a week or two, and I just found out how much talking to me meant to you.:/
    Well do you think that you'll be able to go without talking to me for a couple of weeks?
  4. No I don't have ether but I'm almost 18 like tomarrow lol but I put it on here that t would be on march 26 but its not tomarrw is my birthday so how does that sound lol.
  5. I'm just curious since i'd rather flirt with you when you're not a minor.^^

    But seriously though, do you or don't you have an MSN or Skype account?
  6. About my age lol that's what I meant. So like why do u want to know my age lol I'm smileling
  7. About your age or about MSN and Skype ?
  8. Srry I had to eat and now I feel better. Um why do you ask me that.
  9. Now I wish that I had met you when I first joined this forum back in January, if I had, I probably would have spent more time here.

    Hey Rebecca, I was wondering, when do you turn 18?^^
    Oh and MSN, Skype?
  10. Right now it is 4:39 and I cant help but make ppl happy lol and I cant help when ppl make me happy. Like you. <3
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