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  1. Ur welcome n yes we should talk more ^^ n im currently watching vampire guilty its so good so what u been up to ? :3
  2. Omg thanks you r bad ass too and it has been a long timewe need to talk more
  3. OMG i think u r super badass and hi its been a while XD
  4. coolio boyfwends are amazing XD o dear lord i have boyfriend by justin bieber stuck in my head.... shit XD
  5. Hey oh and the reason hesonly at friend statis is because my bf looks like zero lol hes s
    O cute.
  6. I haven't watched any yuri yet, but i find most anime couples adorable!!!
  7. YATA!!!!!!! I THINK U WOULD LIKE MY ALBUMS!!! SO what is ur fav yaoi???
  8. O HAI FRIEND!!!! I'm fan frickin-tastic how bout yoself??? I btw i luv yaoi tooooooooo!!!! teehee n i will go find those pics at this very moment!!!
  9. Ello there and how are you today I have added new pictuers on my part and if u would like to look at them go abed and Srry about my spelling I'm another that good.
  10. OK!!! YATA I'm excited for the kaname pic....teehee he's so gorgeous XD
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