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  1. Its cool. so how is everything goin. im gunne be gone the next few days because of my family vacation. no one is ever really on so i dont get on much either anymore. im glad u finnally messaged me back. i missed talking to u.
  2. Umm... Hi! Sorry I haven't wrote to you, but, you know, from September on I'll be going to high school, and I had some thing to resolve with the new school, and I completely forgot about this site ^^" I'm so sorry, that you haven't found me online T.T Well, hope to see you again ^.^ Bye-bye
  3. Hey Lilly-chan. how r u? i hope ur doin good. ive been on a couple of times and ive missed talking to u. please message me soon. i'll be on every couple of days ok. well i gotta go bye.
  4. Hey there Lilly-chan!!!! sorry i haven't been on. i missed u a whole bunch. message me soon
  5. Hello! I'm back That history exam is over and it wasn't that hard... From now on, I think I will be here more often I'm looking forward to see you online
  6. Hi lillY-chan!!!! i hope we can talk soon. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Oh. im gonna miss u!! well i hope u can get back on soon. i can't wait to hear from u and i hope u do well on ur exams
  8. Hi! I just saw your message, and I'm sorry I wasn't online at that time... I see that your offline now, but I just wanted to say sorry if I'll not be that active in the next 1-2 days... It's because the fact, that Thursday I'll have an exam at history and I need to study -.-" I'm sorry again, and I hope that I won't be forgotten in 1-2 days ^.^
  9. Hey!!!!!! i guess i missed u earlier. well if u can please send me a message back. Thanks Lilly-chan. ^^
  10. From what you've wrote, that isn't really interesting... Anyway, see you later!
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