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  1. how to be an excellent role model as a citizen here in lafayette. also its about how to deal with family matters and stuff. it sux!
  2. Uhh... Community connections, huh? That sounds awful... I don't have that type of class yet, so I would like to know what do you learn about there?
  3. Thats cool!! im glad u got an A. im getting ready to go to my next period class. :/ i hate community connections. i wont be able to get back on untill 3rd period. wich is at 1 o'clock
  4. Hello! I'm happy because I get an A at chemistry class today ^^ How 'bout u? How was your day?
  5. Heyyyyyyyyy Lilly_chan. how r u? u having a good day?
  6. I don't know if I'll be online at that hour... Well then see you later. Bye-bye
  7. lol. well i've been wanting to bvecome an author since i was little. oh um i gotta go. i'll talk to u later. i'll be back on at 11:30. Bye
  8. Wow! You want to be an author? That's cool. Good luck with your book Well... I'm just reading, listening to music, or just sitting in front of my computer and wasting my time xD I guess I'm just useless for everybody xD
  9. Thats cool. in my spare time? i usually work on my book. im trying to become an author. and if im not doing that im hanging around the city with friends. what about u. what do u do in your spare time?
  10. I'm currently living in a small town in Romania, more exactly the nord-western part of Transylvania This is a boring city, like yours... Um... What do you do in your spare-time?
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