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  1. u suk? what happen for to say/type/think that??????????
  2. well that is kinda true but oww well!!!!
    i suk!!
  3. thats true lifes is very random
    but your not the only one stuck between everything
    plenty of ppl r but maybe just don't bring up the subject
  4. hhhahahahahha
    true but lifed is to random!!!!!
    im just stuck between everything!
  5. well thats also what can happen too most likey we do random things and find out somthin in new
  6. nah im just like doing random stuff!!!!!!!!
  7. It was in ur head serching, wiating to let or for an exit
    That shold be in a book maybe
  8. No its been im my head for a long time!
  9. That was very nice did you make that up?..............
  10. my life is a race for survival
    that never ends and its is like i always walking in darkness
    but every step ill take it seems to never end.
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