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  1. welll if she said no then leave she isnt that good person.. if she said yes then go with it
    pm and tell me how it goes
  2. Thank u for answering my question n u got it thank u for that nthe avice to i must to do it no mater the cost
  3. got you thinking lol .... i wrote lol sorry .......
  4. that hard . lol light and dark is what you make it .. lol.. Darkness in the soul can be lighting.. Light in a soul can be change to darkness. light and dark have so many meaning ..
    ummm you can go in to life or heaven and heck lol.. i mean it hate and love ... there can be a fine line or not lol.. darkness can be hate persay and light can be love ... but so love is forbiden and so hate is loud so you know
  5. Well u found a beter answer then my well done let c wat to ask u now wat is light n dark
  6. Lol i have you answer. Human to people and people to human... is there mind .. there choice good or bad the feeling.. the hope .. the love .. the cause and effect.. chat with me i got all day.. i love hear from you . truth is what you make it .. truth can be lies upon lies or nuthing
  7. Wat make ppl human wat does it mean to find the truth i just asking u if u know the answer cause i already know the answer i just want to chat that all..............
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