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  1. Hey how are you to day .. lol I hope you fine and you are happy
  2. lol okay then bye........ lol have a good day .. and i hope i can help
  3. Sure, I'll take you up on that sometime soon, as I have a bit of an... issue that might need a woman's sound advice.

    Gotta go for now, though... Work. The boss could skewer me if I'm not back at my cubicle. Hahahahaha
  4. Hi , i am Lisa .. so you new that is cool .. so that cool.. message what ever .. i got problems but if you want i am a good listener and i do sovle other peoples problem more then i can solve mine lol but if you want to talk .. i am here ..
  5. Hello there, just dropping by. Call me Francis. I'm the new guy btw.

    How's it going over here these days?
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