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  1. XS where are you T,T i really missed you , i haven't hear from you for ages @,@ ... when you come online send me a message ok >< ... take care i hope you alright ^^ ... =^_^=
  2. why? what had happen @_@ *worry* , take care of yourself more lisa ok ... =^_^=
  3. miss you alot to i love you. i am good .. just got lose again ...
  4. hi hi !!!!!! T.T where have you been i really missed you ... =^_^=
  5. @_@ i am still at my opinion , you should stop smoking becasue smoking can kill and i don't want to lose on of my friends @_@ .. i know that you are enjoying smoking it but it is not healthy , be care full lisa ok ^_^ ... =^_^=
  6. oh baby i love you ... dont worry about me .. i sorry i didnt mean you to worry about me... i just had to find my self........ i was lost you know.. it suck but i am okay now..... yes i am smokeing but i have ..... i am more happy i dont think i am ugly or dumb any more. i love my self more and more now... i care about you and i am sorry i made you worry.....
  7. smokeing is bad for you but i do it... it okay .. i mean not for ever one just i guess me ... i like to smoke in crowd of people i love to smoke alone.. but i dont think people should smoke i know it confuse ing but .... idk i still smoke ...
  8. that is ok ^_^ i am happy that you are ok now .... *looking at the comments* smoking ?? smoking is bad for you , smoking make you sick and it is not good for your health , so be careful @_@ .. =^_^=
  9. Sorry i am back now. I had to deal with drama. I am back and every thing is okay. SOrry again
  10. hi hi XD ... i was worry about you T_T , how are you now ... =^_^=
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