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  1. hey thank for been there it means alot to me .............................
    your a great friend
  2. just relax ... calm down everything will be ok .... you are sad and that is ok but for every problem there is answer ,you are sad that is why you put your avatar as girl crying .... everything will be ok ... so cheer up =^_^=
  3. why should they hate you did you do anything wrong and i don't think that you have did anything wrong ...and why you are stress don't think about these things .. ^_^ if you like pm me and maybe i can make you relax ..i am here for you... =^_^=
  4. i hop every thing will be good and every thing will be good because you are a good person ... so if you need any thing i am here to help you .. =^_^=
  5. HI ... how are you i missed talking to you .... =^_^=
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