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  1. hi baby how are you i miss you so much i care about you .. you are some one special .. i love you and care for only you .. i wish you the besttttt......
  2. awww thank you ^^ it's very sweet of u to say so ur an amazing person it's very nice to hear u say those things thank you very much ... i love you to as both a friend and a sister.. i hope ur doing well today and i hope u are happy as well
  3. i want to write some thing great something to make you happy for ever some thing to make a smile on you face always .. i want you to cry not more tears of sorrow but of happy ones. i love you mere as a friend as a sister and if any one get you trouble it would kill me to hear you cry ... i want only you to feel safe all the time never feel down or out becase you are beauitful and never let a nother person tell you other wise
  4. he he he i missed you too ^^ *hugs you back* it's very nice to c u lol
  5. omg i miss you soooooooooooo much *suger mega hug* from you best friend
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