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  1. hi whats up? lol so i am good. Hpw are you ? Well have a great and wonder for day
  2. Heyyy sweetie. =]
  3. hi whats up no hi ho w are yous any more lol.. was up ?
  4. hi whats up ? how have you been ... i was think i might drop in and check on you ... lol i am good. dont worry
  5. hey , i miss you again ..... well make next time. how have you been? I am good and still huff on cigs.
  6. Heeeeeeeeeeeellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo
  7. No smoking.
  8. i am doing good. i miss you, alot. Anyway how are you? Oh i am smoking now .... it okay i am smoking newports and pallmall and well it okay it take money to support my habits
  9. Nahh you didn't get me in trouble. How are you?
  10. it was on cheek sorry. so whats up? if i got you in trouble i am sorry.......................
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