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  1. *blink blink* . . . I have a lot to say! ^_^ Heh! -PEACE!- Well, to make it short, most of the anime I watch has got something to do with teenagers and students. That's the most common thing I find in every anime I watch. But you know, I read and watch anime from different genres. So you can say, I like anime a lot. It doesn't matter to me as long as it's interesting to me -PEACE!-
  2. Hello! I'm a gal. Nice to meet you =) What kind of anime do you like?
  3. Just curious *smile* . . . 1st question. Are you a guy or a girl? 2nd question. How old are you? My birthdate: 7th December 1993. 3rd question. How about you? Hi! Well, it's my first time to post a comment in a VM. Uh, post a lot and enjoy watching anime. Some of my friends, the guys(please note, they're note gays lol) also watch Junjou Romantica. Interesting thread you just post *smile* . . . Okay g2g, -PEACE!-
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