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  1. that's nice ^.^, hope you have fun with all the writeing
  2. oh well I used to paint like material for stuff like pillows but I sucked at that lol.I'm better at writing really.
  3. there is to much things that are put as trash... what things do you paint?
  4. Yeah people do tend to throw away a lot of stuff.I'm not a building person I'm more on the artsy fartsy writing side lol.
  5. never... sry... I build them with things that others think is trash... thereis alot of buildings being built so they get rid of alot of good wood... what about you?
  6. That's you read Tamora Pierce?

    Awesome!What do you usally use to build them with?
  7. most books... and mostly anything... like dragons, people, and stuff....
  8. Oh awesome!

    I love reading too.What do you read?And what type of stuff do you build?
  9. because you sound like a funny person... I read... and build...
  10. Lolz

    I am funny.How did you know?!

    What do you dof for fun?
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