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  1. I can see that ,let the LOL begin! (hi ,long time no see :P)
  2. Haha case sensitive.I'm sorry I'll turn the caps off... :P
    Don't worry anything I say is in fun
  3. -sit in a corner in the dark- Shame ... on ... me? *sniff* *sniff*
    I'm case sensitive you see :P lolz!!
  4. Lol.No that's all wrong.It's not the lolly planet.It's planet LOLZY.Man shame on you for not getting it right.

    Lol.That is short.Anything more?Like what's yoyur favourite cookie?! :P
  5. So you like to lol some lolz to lol the loling loled lolz that lolalized the lolz before the last lol that did a lolment on all lols of the lolly planet?!
    Well ... about myself? My name is Alaa and I'm from Iraq ... perhaps too short?! lol
  6. Lol.Of course I LOVE to lol.It says so in my name ;P

    And thanks.I like your profile pic too. Oh and thanks for commenting on my profile

    I hope you are doing well.(I wish all my enemies well LOL jk)so what can you tell me about yourself?
  7. do you like to lol? ,nice profile pic by the way ...
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