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  1. Okay cool I think you might like it. It seemed pretty Good so me and one of my friends joined on it.
  2. Lol skipping class was such fun x3 Ah ok I'll give it a look see ^-^ If I like it Ill join up :3
  3. Go to the top and click on quick links and click on today's post and the go to The Warriors within at Heart and say you wanna join.
  4. Yeah! I love them to! Yeah, I use to skip class but don't any more lol. Hey there a RPG I think you might like you wanna join?
  5. I loved Early Dismissal in HS but I skipped class for like three weeks before I got caught and sent to ISD xD I would just leave school who had ED and not go to my last period. Ahh good times good times ^^
  6. Yeah! I hate when the teachers start lecturing it makes everything so much more boring lol. I am just happy I get out of school at 1:07 now I signed up for a early release so now I am able to get out early.
  7. Exactly! Though one of my classes I enjoy a lot since its all hands on activities and such but once the teacher gets to lecturing I fall asleep x.x
  8. Yeah, I never really study either I hate studying it is so boring! lol. In some classes I can keep some of the info in my head if I am into the class like science.
  9. Yeah finals suck x.x but I like never study xD I have good memory though for some classes I really should study o.e; meh....
  10. It is nice to meet you John. Oh yeah? That's cool. Sucks you have finals thou study study study is so boring lol.
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