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  1. Wow, kinda forgot about it actually. Just looked at it. It's been 5 months since I made the last post, almost to the day.

    I guess if it starts going again, I'll join in. I was enjoying it, but it slowed down & died. I made the last post & hate double posting, so if someone else makes a post I could read up & get back into it.

    just a heads up, it has been 5 months, so don't be surprised if it is dead & buried...

  2. hi. i'm so sorry for not posting in a long time. but i'm back most defo. so if you wanted to continue that rgq that would be awesome!!! again i apologize
  3. G'day. Just felt like a random message to say hi, how you going, what's up, etc. Noticed you haven't been on for a while, kinda got curious.

    Your "3089 War" is still going strong. It is mainly the 3 of us posting, me having the only Nano, but it's still going well.

    Well, later...

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