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  1. G'day, long time no see, or should that be chat?

    Yeah, I had an alright time. Hope you did too, & got a few things you were wanting.

    See ya around...

  2. Ne Dan Kun... hope you had a blast during the holidays......... i do miss talking to you ............tackles... lol.. talk to you soon....
  3. i don't and i liked the way you ended it. lol anyways we are still in one rp.... see you there been fun . and once a friend always a friend
  4. Fair enough.

    hope you don't mind me putting my own little epilogue on it. I was in the mood to finish it off for him as well. hope you don't mind how I did it.

    See ya around the forums

  5. sorry but the others were not posting like before so instead of seeing it get closed better put an epilogue on it.
  6. Just a random hello.


    It's kinda a pity to see the Atlantis thing finish though. Oh well, I think you did a good job on it.

    See ya around...

  7. Eh, just going through a bit of stuff.

    Should actually pack up & get some sleep. Sister's birthday tomo-, today?! Bugger!

  8. I am in the same time as you are you're up late lol
  9. Yeah, it's actually really late here right now, 3am basically. Looks like I live on the other side of this rock to most people on here...

  10. hey how yah been? hardly ever catch you online lol
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