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  1. well your character is interesting enough i might say hope to talk to you soon
  2. G'day. Just popping in for a random greeting. Doing alright?

    I thought I might start a bit of a biff up in your Atlantis RP, if that's alright. I'm thinking the tied up girl is the town's lord's daughter, with those 2 paid to kill her & dump the body on the path to make him too distraught to help your girl. Psychological warfare can be very nasty & effective, & I can very easily see an evil army of Dark Elves hiring some goons to do that kinda thing.

    I'll see ya around.
  3. Well, I doubt I'll be meeting anyone from on here any time soon. I live down under, Terra Australis, AKA Australia. Oh well, still good for stress relief.

    And I know your far from the oldest one here. There was a topic a while back asking how old everyone was. Most were teens, but there were a few older, I think a couple of 30+ on here. Heck, I'm 27 at the end of the month (woot for me).

  4. i met some of the others that hell knight is friends with and well am just enjoying this site a lot since i find it kinda helps manage my stress level at work. lol! funny but i just realized i must be one of the older meembers of the site i found out yesterday in the flash chat that most are like 15- to early 20's
  5. Yeah, alright. Nothing special really.

    Don't usually get on the net on Mondays due to other commitments, so that was an upside. Then again, I'm pretty easy going so I don't mind.

  6. hey how was your day yesterday.
  7. Sorry for not replying earlier. I'm not quite used to looking at that warning in the top right. I don't get an Email when I get a message anymore...

    Well, I guess we don't need to work about him getting beaten up while playing drunk. Mind you, now he's gotta test their combat skill. I think I've got an idea, though he'll possibly pin your girl to the ground & get her to look at his sword.

    Looks like you guys are getting into it big time. It's almost hard to keep up. I'll try to post more often.

    See you around...

  8. sure you want's neptune's great grand daughter bashing him like that
  9. Yeah, um, sorry about that. There is method to the madness though. I've posted in the OOC thread about my plans. Weird, I'm gonna let you guys bash him around, & basically treat him like some dumb drunk, hence his whole act. He won't normally act that way, I just thought I'd introduce him to the team in a, unique, way...
  10. Hey your character is kinda nasty. lol but interesting.
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