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  1. heading to the military, but I just gotta pass the test and thats about it.
  2. Your silly haha wow!!!!!!!!!!

    man so whats new????
  3. hehe, I made a funny.

    if someone asks you for money, just say,

    go to a tree. hump the crap out of it, and see if you make any greens.
  4. i forgot mii smiley faaaaaaaaceeeeeeeeeee

  5. lol yeah sure tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gosh im bored as hell
  6. I've heard a rumor about somebody, you wanna know who it is? lol, just kiddin.
  7. Hehe it gets annoying at time's because everything is rumors you know i really hate annoys the hell outta me
  8. why bother anyway? all they do is play in movies or make songs. lol, its funny though, makes you wonder what they do for a living anyway. if your a fan of somebody and you want to know what they do about their life. pretty much thats how they end up discussing it in the first place. like rihanna, why did she get smacked? idk. oh damn, now I'm ranting about it. *slaps self*
  9. haha thats exactly what we were discussing it is retarted im sicc of hearing abt celbrities they have there own life
    lol i wish ppl would leave it alone!!!
  10. try discussing about Rihanna. LOL, see what intentions they go so far about her.
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