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  1. Studying for my Mock GCSEs is going okay, its boring, but I wanna get the best grade I can
  2. how is studyin for thoghs sat's was it i bet it dumb and borringer than u not being online you were onece online when i was beut i was talking to some one and i did not know u were on till i read the measage i cant spel to day
  3. Hey! I'm online!

    BTW: I'm from the UK, and I remember when I went to Florida I was 5 hours behind normal English time.
  4. I'll try, but I'm in a completly different time zone to you (assuming your from the US), making it complicated (you might be posting when I'm in school or asleep. )
  5. "DeepSkyBlue"][/COLOR][/COLOR] hey im so bored tell me the next time u are geting on because every time im on ur not
    love lmiwa peace:0
  6. hey i just became a member yester day and i am so happy looking for frinds text me a mesig
  7. ww....well i gave the newbie his second one ...................................uuhhh
  8. hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy peeps what up
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