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  1. what school do you go to?
    Wow thats cool! your birtday is so close to christmas
  2. Really where??? I'm known and i don't know XD I'm 17 in December also
  3. Im 16 too, 17 in July. Ok ive heard that name before
  4. im 16 wat bout you i rarely go to priory park as i live a lil 2 far and me and my cousin just cba 2 walk down there XD and because i know your name my name is Sophie Newman
  5. Ah, thats cool. i hang round chalkwell at the weekends at times. ive been to prioy quite a bit, thats near prittlewell isnt it? how old are you then?
  6. I go 2 school near chalkwell park but i live round southchurch but its more into the prittlewell area I'm normally rd chalkwell area Friday nights
  7. usually chalkwell park or the highstreet.... you??
  8. sorry for the late reply sorry i have not what area do you hang around???
  9. Hey you live in Southend? Me too! I'm Louise Dempsey, ever heard of me?
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