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  1. getting to sit on the internet all day long lol and lunch and gym and ummmmm....... idk ne thing else
  2. So what do you actually like about school? (if anything )
  3. gay .
  4. cool I'll listen to it later! ^^ Thanks ^^ So how's school today?
  5. i got a song 4 u then it rainbow in the dark by dio
  6. yeah but I'll listen to it all anyway...doesn't matter to me! XD
  7. i no how u feel bro .
  8. Ah ok then you don't like classical at all then! I'll listen to anything...even rap thanks to my ex! XD
  9. hard rock and heavy metal lol or a lot of dio .
  10. lol well I'm alive but whether I'm good or not has yet to be decided So I take it you don't like classical music? What music DO you like?
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