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  1. thanks!! ^.^ .... .
  2. Ooo, pressure I bet >.< But don't worry, as long as you do your best you'll have no regrets! ^^
  3. yes pretty much...unless i repeat them but i have to pay for that ...

    i need to have sincence english and my worst subject math...
  4. Eh?? I'm so confused @_@

    So... if you don't pass... you're schooling is done??
  5. yeah....XDD

    aww im like in 5th year how im doing GCSE XD....

    and like if i dont pass i dot get back to school ><...after this i got 2 years if i get back and maybe go to collage too so yea
  6. Yeah... I really should work more, but I've been going around joining clubs and searching for new music and... >.< Luckily I'm in college though, so I only have like 3 hours of class each day v(^o^)v haha
    What year are you in? Are you in your last or second to last year of secondary schooling or something like that?
  7. T^T YES! I KNOW!!.... thats school for u tho i have been up to my eyes full of school work then i got work then i spend my time with my bf >< ... and try be with everyone else as much as i can...
  8. Well, the WG's song I understand, but how could you not keep up with DBSK??!! This is their first Korean album in TWO YEARS!! >0<
  9. noo not yet T^T... soo much school work damm XD

    but i dont really like wg tbh...>< LOL
  10. You see Mirotic yet??
    New DBSK vid!!
    And Wonder Girls have a new single/MV out, too haha
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